Feb 21, 2012

"Walking The Blue Line" EP & Update!

Hi everyone, THE WAIT IS OVER! Finally my EP, “Walking The Blue Line” is on iTunes as we speak.  I know it’s taken forever and that is my fault, but I hope that didn’t discourage you all.  It would mean the so much if you could share this with your friends as well as buying/rating/reviewing the album! :)

Here is the link: 


This record is special because of the people I was able to work on it with.  I went out to San Diego, California to record with the AMAZING Jesse Barrera at The JB Cave.  He produced/mixed and mastered my record and I cannot be any happier with how it came out!  Along with producing, Jesse played electric guitar, bass and percussion as well as sang sweet harmonies on one of my favorites, “Come Right Back To Me.”

The brilliant Danny Morledge (AJ Rafael Band) played drums and percussion and Alan Ladan put down some awesome keys (see “When We Get There.”)

I am so thankful for everyone’s support. It truly means the world to me.