Dec 6, 2011

Help me win a singer-songwriter contest!

Hey guys and gals… It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.  Just to give you a little update on what I’ve been up to: I’m about to get my EP, “Walking The Blue Line” finished and hopefully it’ll be on iTunes before Christmas! 

What I really wanted to talk to you about was this little contest I am entered in!  It’s a singer-songwriter competition put on by The Recording Conservatory of Austin (TX) and as of now I’m in 5th place… I need to be in 4th or better by December 11th to be able to play in a SHOWCASE to see who wins!! The winner of the contest gets a lot of cool stuff like free studio time and equipment and such… It’ll really help me further my music career :)

So please take 5 minutes and follow these steps! (you have to be a facebook user)

1) Go to this Facebook Link:

2) “LIKE” the page and vote for me (Charlie Gore) to win!

3) SHARE/REPOST/REBLOG/RETWEET! Everything you can do to help me out and get this around to other people will help :)

Thank you so much


Sep 17, 2011




must hear: this new mraz is absolute perfection.

its like a sunrise or a hot tea or a hug.

its love.

New Jason Mraz. Dying.


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Aug 24, 2011


I Never Said That It Was Easy Ft. Melissa Polinar

From my new album “You’ll Feel Alive” which will be available on iTunes and BIGCARTEL September 23rd!!! Pre-Order your copy now 

Spread the word! Hope you like it <3 Get your CD and limited edition T-shirts now!

This man right here (@jessebarrera)… Genius.

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Jul 30, 2011


Couldn’t help myself. Here’s a clip of the new album version of “I Never Said That It Was Easy” ft. Melissa Polinar. Share witcha friends.

My new EP drops this fall! There’s less than 50 hours to donate and special pre-order my record and GET A PRE-RELEASE DOWNLOAD! CLICK HERE TO HELP!

Listen to this BANGIN’ song by @jessebarrera! His EP is gonna be off the chain

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Jul 29, 2011




hahahahhaha this is making my day

so glad it made your day. have fun watching this yall haha

hahahaha @ajrafael classic… “stop, I’ll take this one…”

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Jul 28, 2011

Just finished my EP last week in San Diego with Jesse Barrera. This is one of the tracks featuring him singing on it! Hope y'all like it!

“Come Right Back To Me”
I’m here waiting on you, to ask me to stay
take my hand and then turn, oh turn me away
from the dark, that’s reaching out to my heart

You’ll find a reason to love, to love me the same
As you did when you first, you first said our names
intertwined, that feeling left you so blind

Oh I’m a lover, I am your friend
But i’ll be nothing if you break my heart again
Oh I am broken, down on my knees
So just put one foot forward 
Come right back to me, come right back to me

It’s not how it should be, us falling apart
I’ll try anything to go back to the start
Tonight, you’ve left me with a hole inside

Looking at you it makes it hard
to go on, to go on oh ya
I’ll wish you luck if that’s what you want
But i’ll be strong, I’ll be strong tonight
At least i’ll try

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Jul 8, 2011


Wow you guys.  I’m only $166 dollars away from my Kickstarter goal for my record and there’s still 24 days to go. Absolutely incredible. You can can donate / pre-order the record hereREMEMBER! Once I hit my goal of $3000 I will be posting a clip of my new song “I’ll Stay Up” (ft. Melissa Polinar) online! 

Help out one of the coolest guys I know!

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Jun 15, 2011


Hey loves! This is my brand new single titled “You’ll Feel Alive”. I’m currently working on my new EP that should be released in August / September and this is the title track of the album. I know LOTS of you have just graduated or just finished your year of school… This is basically a song that (i hope) could be your summer anthem. I hope you all enjoy it and blast this in your cars with the windows rolled down.

The single will be available on iTUNES - 6.28.11. BUT! For those who want the song RIGHT NOW you can purchase it at my bandcamp website for just ONE DOLLAR

I hope you love the song as much as I enjoyed makin’ it! Please share it with all your friends. Love you guys!!! 


I’ve been waiting near forever 
For this moment now 
Just to tell you 
Everything that I have thought about 
You and I just need to run 
Out of this town 

Don’t worry now 
Cause everyday is just a weekend 
I’ll pick you and I promise 
That we can pretend 
That we are rich and famous 
I know were young and shameless 
We are just two kids 
With dreams in other places 

I will take you on ride 
I promise you’ll feel alive 

Just pack your things 
I’ve been waiting all this time 
To get away from everything 
That I’ve ever known 
Just look up at the sky up above 
You can fill my summer up with your love 
You can take me out 
We would slam the doors 
Then you’d ask me 
“What the hell have we been waiting for?” 

I’ve been waiting near forever 
For a chance to say 
I fall in love 
With every tiny little breath you take 
It’s a simple love 
Cant get enough 
I just cant get enough 

I will take you on ride 
I promise you’ll feel alive 

New favorite song! It’s a HIT @jessebarrera!

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