Jun 12, 2011


One of my favorites to play live. This version will be on my new EP. 
“I Never Said That It Was Easy” (LIVE) 

Love this version JB!

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May 31, 2011





So I’m trying to write some new tunes for my next record and they’ve been slowly comin’ here and there. I might possibly release this one as a summer single? We’ll see. 

Anyway. This is a SUPER rough garage band demo of a new song I’m kinda workin’ on. Don’t mind my pitchyness / mess-ups. Tentatively titled “You’ll Feel Alive”. (Kinda just using that as an i.d for the song, lol) Kinda has a ring to it though. Hope ya like it ya’ll. Summers cominnnnng.

I’ve been waiting near forever
For this moment now
Just to tell you
Everything that I have thought about
You and I just need to run
Out of this town

Don’t worry now
Cause everyday is just a weekend
I’ll pick you and I promise
That we can pretend
That we are rich and famous
I know were young and shameless
We are just two kids
With dreams in other places 

Yeah i’ll take you on ride
I promise you’ll feel alive

Just pack your things

I’ve been waiting all this time
To get away from everything
That I’ve ever known
Just look up at the sky above
You can fill my summer up with your love
You can take me out
We would  slam the doors
Then you’d ask me 
“What the hell have we been waiting for?”

I’ve been waiting near forever 
For a chance to say
I fall in love 
With every tiny little breath you take
It’s a simple love
I cant get enough
I just cant get enough

Yeah i will take you on ride
I promise you’ll feel alive


So good!!!!!!! Love this.

Glad ya’ll are enjoying my new tune / demo! Definitely going to put it out as a single for the summer. LOVE YOUUUU.

Oh my, oh my… Where have I been lately? This @jessebarrera new jam is AMAZING!

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Mar 24, 2011


Exactly a year ago today, my debut record LOVE IN TECHNICOLOR came out. This record defined myself as an artist, a writer, lyricist and person in general. It’s been an incredible year to say the least. I never expected the record to gain the success that it did - and for that I want to say THANK YOU. For everyone who gave it a listen, a chance, or even hated it. Thank you for committing your ears to what I spent so much time to create. 

Since then I’ve been spending much time playing shows but most recently finding a true love in making records. Creating them. And helping others achieve what they want out of music.

It’s definitely about that time where I’m getting the itch to write again for myself. I’m finishing up a few production projects and plan on locking myself in my cave to put out a new full length. I owe it to myself and to YOU guys who have kept supporting me and my music.

So basically. Thank you for giving me your attention. Thanks for lending your ears and hearts for a moment in your life. I’m glad I could be apart of it and hope to continue for many years and records to come. 

So honored and happy to on this record and of the friendship we’ve created! 

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Feb 15, 2011


the OFFICIAL Music Video for “We Could Happen”!!!! Buy the song on iTunes and AMAZONmp3. 

directed by Scott Yoshimoto

MOVeMEDIA Productions.

Send this over to that special someone for Valentine’s Day so ya’ll could let LOVE HAPPEN!!! hehe


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Feb 7, 2011






AJ Rafael - We Could Happen

Official iTunes Release: February 8th, 2011
Music Video Release: February 13th, 2011 on MOVeMEDIAPRODUCTIONS, February 14th, 2011 on my Official YouTube Channel

here’s a snippet of the 2nd verse and chorus just for ya’ll =)

Produced by Jesse Barrera
AJ Rafael Band: AJ Rafael, Noah Bartfield, Andrew Rhim, & Danny Morledge

So catchy I could die (:


I love this song.

So happy to be a part of AJ’s debut record. Excited for this song to release, as well as the video. Enjoy this snippet!

Sounds sickkkkk!

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Feb 2, 2011




REBLOG, If you’re filipino

 This looks good right now.

im allergic to dairy now but when i used to be able to have this i remember being in paradise. oh well. someday. someday soon.

Omg. That looks ridiculously delicious.

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Dec 28, 2010


Melissa Polinar - “I Don’t Care” ft. Jesse Barrera - (“As Of Now” ALBUM VERSION)


Yessssir, Sounds Delicious!

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